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Are you thinking about becoming a Cistercian nun?

Criteria: Are you seeking God?

Age: Women who are between 20 – 40 years

Health: The life requires good health both of body and mind

Community Living: We live in a general atmosphere of quiet peace with a balance of solitude and community, the ability to live and work together is essential.

Responsibilities: To be free of debt and responsibilities

An ability to change and grow: To live happily in community requires maturity and a sense of humour

Converts: We welcome converts who have lived their faith for 2 - 3 years within the catholic tradition before seeking monastic life.

Joining the Community
A call to join a monastic community comes from God.  Some receive a very distinct, definite call.  For others, it is not always so clear, and may take some time to discern.  Usually such a call is accompanied by a desire to give one's life totally to God, along with some attraction to monastic life.  In our Order, even though there may be an attraction to the traditions or spirit of the Order, usually the call is to a specific monastery.  For more information please write to: or in Norwegian, please refer to our other site:

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