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Day Visits

Visiting times:


Our church is open from 4 in the morning to 8 (20.00) in the evening.  You are welcome to participate in our services (held seven times a day) or just to come for a time of quiet prayer or reflection.  We simply ask that you respect our desire to have complete silence in the church.  The times when we are singing for a service in the church are listed on the Guesthouse page.


The rest of the monastery is private as this is our home and we hope that you will respect these private areas that are well marked by signs on the various gates around the building. 

We also have a visit center (the red house in front of the guesthouse). As you enter the room, on the right side, you will find a display on Cistercian life and on the left, there is a shop where our products are sold, as well as a collection of spiritual books.  The shop is open every day in the summer months from 11 to 12 and from 13.00-17.00. During other seasons, the times are more limited.  You will also find an audiovisual room with short movies, including one which shows you all the rooms inside the monastery.

For groups and bus trips, we strongly urge you to contact Anne Hagerup:  (+47) 913 62 416. 

Respect for the Environment



There is a tremendous natural beauty on the island of Tautra and thousands of visitors come each year to visit the 12th century ruins as well as to appreciate the rich and abundant nature life all around.   But such numbers high numbers of visitors is naturally a challenge for the environment.  Tautra is a bird sanctuary with thousands of sea birds and Eider ducks mating and breeding each Spring and Summer.  We ask you to stay away from these areas, which are well marked, from April 1 first until the end of July.  At the same time, not only the birds need protection but the farmers’ fields and animals.  Please avoid walking in the center of the fields or disturbing the animals, which provide a livelihood for the farmers.  It is easy to understand that the natural beauty of Tautra is marred and disturbed when visitors leave their trash out in open places.  With your help, Tautra can continue to bring joy and peace to all who visit here.  We thank you in advance for your co-operation.  



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