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Guesthouse - Retreats

Retreat is a time of love,

a time for the heart,

when disturbances, demands and concerns can rest.

Retreat is a chance

to listen

to your heart’s language—or silence,

and there discover

God’s presence.

A monastery is a place away from the hustle and bustle of ordinary life, a place for silence, meditation and deepening for people who seek the Truth. We receive guests of all traditions, whether they believe or not. Our life as nuns is dedicated to God in prayer and silence, and we ask our guests to respect this while they are here. This means that we refrain from unnecessary chatting, and ask that there is silence in the guesthouse from 8.30 p.m. until 4.00 a.m., especially, but also an atmosphere of silence at all times.  Our schedule is outlined below. There is no smoking or alcohol allowed in any of the houses.

Guests are welcome to participate in our prayers and Masses in our church to the degree they wish. Our Catholic Mass is open to all, but until we reach Christian unity, only Catholics may receive communion. Others are welcome to come forward and receive a blessing from the priest. You signal this desire by putting your right hand on your left shoulder.


To give yourself the chance to disconnect from the routine, and to increase the silence for others in the house, we ask that you not use your mobile while you are here, and tell your family and friends that you are not available. In an emergency they can call the monastery. We recommend at least 3 days for your retreat.


The sister responsible for guests will try to meet your needs, and also arrange for you to meet with the priest or one of the sisters if you wish.

Guests eat the midday meal in the guest dining room in the new monastery unless you give a message that you are not coming. This main meal is taken in silence while listening to the sisters’ reading or music, so body and soul are fed together. For breakfast and supper, we supply food in the guesthouse kitchen; you just make it yourself. The monastery provides all the food, bedding and towels for your retreat. We ask 540 kroner per night, plus 450 kroner for 3 meals . We are vegetarians but eat fish and eggs. Please tell the Sister with whom you are making your reservation whether you are arriving on time to eat dinner at noon.  


You are always welcome to come, even if you cannot afford our usual prices.  Students pay half price. 


Since we have a limited number of rooms, we ask that you let us know as soon as possible if your plans change. Information on how to arrive at Tautra is below.  

If you do not want to come on retreat, but just overnight, we recommend the Bed & Breakfast Klostergården, tlf 74 80 85 33, It is a 20 minute walk from the monastery. You are always welcome to the monastic church which is open all day, every day.

Arrival Information


Please arrange your arrival before we end our day at 19.30.

When you arrive, come to the left side of the Church and use the telephone to the left of the doors to call a sister who will show you to your room.


How to arrive here:


By public transport:


From Værnes airport (or from Trondheim Train station if coming by train) you can take the Steinkjer train to Åsen (an hour from Trondheim or a  half hour from Værnes airport. ). There you can connect with a collective taxi (at the price of a bus). But this taxi must be called and ordered the day before.  If calling from a Norwegian phone:  Call 02867

If calling from abroad, or on a phone that is not from Norway, call: 0047-802867 . Explain when your flight arrives and ask what train you should take to arrive in Åsen for a connection with a taxi to Tautra Mariakloster..  If it's a close connection, it's OK to book two taxis, the first one, and then the one afterwards.  This taxi might make several stops if there are other persons in the taxi.  Tautra is always the last stop.


 Please notify the monastery if you are delayed: (+0047) 7480 8551.

By car:


Take E-6 from Trondheim or from Værnes airport: About 20 minutes after Stjørdal you will see Åsen church on the left. Turn left on Route 753 to Frosta just after the Esso station. (On the right side of the road you will see a small sign for Frosta.) Continue on 753 until you see the sign for Tautra, and turn right. After the causeway when you come out to the island, you will see a small "roundabout". Turn left and follow the signs to Mariaklosteret.


E-6 from Levanger: About  20 minutes from Levanger you come to Åsen. Drive through the little town and turn right on Route 753 toward Frosta just before the Esso station. Continue on 753 until you see the sign for Tautra, and turn right. After the causeway when you come out to the island, at the small roundabout, follow the signs to for Mariaklosteret.


Have a good trip!

Prayer times in Tautra Mariakloster



04.20 Vigils

07.15 Lauds (Morning Praise)

09.00 Tierce + Mass

12.00 Sext (Midday Prayer)

14.30 None

17.30 Vespers (Evening Prayer)

followed by 15 min. quiet prayer

19.30 Compline




04.20  Vigils    (30 min)

07.15  Lauds   (30 min)

07.50  Mass     (45 min)

08.45  Tierce   

12.15  Sext    (10 min)

14.30  None**  (10 min)

17.30  Vespers (30 min)

           Quiet prayer (15 min)

19.30  Compline (15 min)


**NB! Wednesdays 12.15 Midday Prayer (No office of None at 14.30)

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