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                   MONASTERY DEVELOPMENT



  In this time of declining membership in monastic         communities, Tautra Mariakloster is an exciting exception in that we have had a number of new members in recent years and now have five applicants interested in investigating or pursuing our life. So we have had to construct a new wing, begun in February,2020 and completed in February,2021.  Thank you for your wonderful help in paying for the building and it's furniture. See the building design below.


While we do not need any more help to finance the building itself, you are always welcome to help us with our day to day needs and the maintenance of our buildings. Of course, your most important help is with your prayers that mean so much to us at this time.

The following information will explain how you can make a donation. We are truly grateful for your help.  

In Norway: our Vipps number is: 140467. Please send us your name and address so we can thank you.


You can transfer a donation directly into our Building Fund:

N-7467 Trondheim
Swift code (BIC): SPTRNO 22
Byggekonto 4200 39 36192
IBAN: NO56 4200 3936192


In the USA you can make a tax-deductible donation by sending a check to: Sr Ciaran, Our Lady of the Mississippi Abbey, 8400 Abbey Hill Rd, Dubuque IA 52003 and mark it Tautra aid.


Design of new extention to monastery
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